The galley and stove

Both corrian counter tops did not come out in this photo.  There is another larger one to the right of the gimbaled stove with a 20X20 wide and 10" deep stainless sink.  Yep, I like a sink you can fit a pressure cooker in to wash.  The cabinets I built out of 3/4 inch oak plywood ($50) a sheet. Two 4X8 sheets did the job. I wanted a solid cabinet face able to take the flexing of the boat in rough seas. The oven is a standard RV propane stove. New it cost only $125. I know eventually it will rust out but at that price I can replace it every 2 years 10 times over and still have paid less than a stainless marine grade oven. I had it on the ocean and still no rust. I like the large 3 burner top.   In the back of the counter is a recess for bottles and dishes. 
In the bow I added a solid upper berth on the stbd side.  I wanted lots of accesable storage, not stuff piled all over the place.  It can also be used as a bed (6'10" long X 40" wide).  I used Perfectoin 2 part paint in the bow and did not add any texture.  I figured I will be storing occasional wet items in the bow and want to be able to dry the walls with a towl.  The wood brace on the upper bunk is solid 2X4 wood (very strong) sanded smooth and stained and varnished to look good.  I laid some remnant commercial carpet below the bunk and cut it to fit.  There's additional storage under the carpet.