The galley

I got this table from a restaurant that closed. I bolted it to the bulkhead with threw bolts and gate hinges. It is very strong. It hinges down and the strap holds it up. No table legs to get in the way. The seat cushions are from Home Depo patio seat covers (water proof and durable). An added bonus they are held in place by little ties on the back of the cushions. The ties came with the cushions. Total cost for 4 cushions 160 bucks. Behind the cushions is storage for bedding.

Here is the table in the up position. I added a mirror on its bottom so I can see outside the companionway from the rear bed. You can see the stainless steel gate hinges. The seat underneath the cushions has a board that hinges level to create a bed. The cushions are laid flat to create the mattress. The board can also be hinged up higher to create a lee cloth. The overhead rack holds the board in the lee cloth position with a strap. It is very sturdy and felt safe when I used it while heeled over hard to stbd. Folding the table up gives you lots of interior room, especially when your just sitting around with friends.