Sunday, August 22, 2010

Building a pocket cruiser on a budget

I purchased this boat for $500.00 US and spent about $4,000.00 to completely strip the interior and build a comfortable cruiser. It is a 1975 Cal 2-27, It has over 6 feet headroom below, a full head, a v-berth and a large living area with a full dinning table. And a complete (small) apartment size galley (my personal favorite). I removed the inboard engine and all related wiring and stuff to make an already large interior even larger. A lot of overbuilt construction techniques went into this boat to make it very blue water capable. I quadrupled stayed the mast on the port & stbd. sides, triple stayed the stern. Double stayed on the bow. There is no one wire failure that can bring the mast down. Added grab rails inside and topside threw bolted to each other. I built a water tight bulkhead sealing off the rudder from the rest of the boat, in case the rudder is broken off. It carries 50 gallons of water all below deck. And yep.. I got that ugly cooler holder hanging over the stern.  But that 150 quart cooler is full of booze & food and easy to access.  I can feed an army of party-goers.