Thursday, May 9, 2013

The latest addition to Carmela is digital cabin lights.  I added 4 of them.  The brightest and lease power hungry light is the one from Dr. Led dome light.  That sucker is really bright (like a 60 watt bulb) and barely reads on my amp gauge.  I would not believe it unless you saw it. Also two of the interior lights can be switched to red for night operation.  I tried them and they really work well.  You can read by the red light and not be blinded when looking at a dark horizon. 

I also added a second outboard bracket (overkill) but I don't want to have to man-handle my heavy 4 hp 4 stroke dinghy outboard when transferring it from the boat to the dinghy.  Now i just unbolt it from the outboard bracket and install it on the dinghy when I'm tied up to the stern of the boat.  An added bonus is I can run the 4 hp outboard as a secondary engine in case my primary 9.9hp outboard quits.  Just lower the bracket and use it.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Updates completed on 03-01-13

Painted hull red
Replaced wood hatch with aluminum one

Security hatch

Raised rudder post and reinforced

Added solar panel and spreader bar for rear stays.

With the rear stays spread apart, access to the stern is great.