Thursday, November 5, 2015

Creating sleeping space on a small boat.

In this photo you can see that I built a bed (cot style) that is absolutely fun and uses open space to create an excellent sleeping space.

I used black pipe from Home Depot (1 inch) for the poles.  The black pipe is extremely strong and wont bend.  I also used large metal pipe clamps (the type that hold pipe to the wall or ceiling).

I threw bolted the clamps to the comings (see the photo above the stove), and used Sunbrella fabric doubled up for strength for the bed.  I also made it twin bed size so I could use readily available twin bed cushions.  The cushions make the cot very comfortable.

Don't forget to drill holes in one end of the poles and put a pin threw the pole and the clamp.  This way if the boat rocks the poles wont slip out of the clamps and everything come crashing down.

One added bonus is the great view and breeze coming from the cockpit door w

hen sleeping.