Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well you can now say that I am no longer a minimalist.  Yes with the addition of this Lofrans Windlas and 150 ft. of 5/16 chain and 2 Group 27 batteries my anchoring needs are set (no pun intended).  I can assure you I sleep better at night.  Besides if you have to weigh anchor in rough seas, a windlass makes the job possible besides safer.  It is overkill no doubt but I rather have to much than not enough.

 Oh yea at the end of the chain is a new and absolutely quick setting anchor, the Mantus 35 lb.  Its new on the market.  The you tube is a must see for this amazing anchor.  I can testify that it does work as advertised.  An added bonus is you can disassemble the anchor flat with the bolts it comes with.  I keep mine assembled on a bow roller.  The anchor is extremely tough and well built.  I was initially skeptical but now have become a believer in the Mantus anchors.  Try one, you wont be disappointed.