The bulkheads and hull wall interior

I textured the ceiling and walls. I used the best exterior house paint that I could find. I tried to use the 2-part Perfection paint ($75 a quart) but the wall sucked up a quart like a desert sucks up rain. I got almost no coverage. It would have cost way to much for that paint. As it was, it took 3 gallons of "Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White" @ $35.00 a gallon to cover the interior. The results were absolutely beautiful. And durable. I also placed racks on the ceiling to hang items from. And added a grab rail. Both items are threw bolted to the outside. The overhead rack came in very handy for hanging lights, fruit basket, etc.

This is facing the stern port side of the boat where the engine once sat. The bed took the place of the engine. Under the bed is a large storage area where the engine once sat. I got rid of that ladder later on and replaced it with a hinging ladder that swings up for clear access to the bed.