Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ajustable Solar Pannels that can be pointed at the sun in any angle.

  This setup allows you to point the solar panel at the sun in any angle.  It also acts like a sun shade for the setting sun when its off the stern of the boat.  It is wind proof and very strong.  Easy to adjust (just like pulling the main sheet).  You can see a video of its operation on my YouTube page. 

The pulley system to raise and lower the panel.  The jam cleat at the top of the photo holds the panel just like a jam cleat holds the main sail. 

The jam cleat to lock the panel in place.  I installed it high so that there is no rope interference with the rear of the boat. 

The cleat for the rear support.  I used cleats and a heavy rope that can easily be replaced.  The panels pivot on a pulley just above (out of view of the photo). 

The center hinge that the panel swivels on.  It is on a very large diameter bolt for strength.  The wood block acts as a spacer to facilitate the pivot action. 

Side view of the panel


  1. This system allows you to point the solar panels at the sun in any angle. It is easy to operate, wind proof and very strong. It is out of the way over the rear of the boat and acts like a sun shade when the sun is low off the stern of the boat.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. Hope my page can help many a sailor. I just hate to see the brethren suffer for lack of knowledge.

  4. So Far so Good. Its been some time now since I installed the swivel on the solar panel and I must report that my batteries are always topped of. I find it amazing when the sun is low and the panels pointed at the sun, how much of a difference the charging rate is. Its unbelievable. Even in low lighting. I did add a stabilizing rope to the system, that I will illustrate on my YouTube page for all to see. It was a just in case addition.

  5. Awesome solar panels! Might be an idea to use pipe clamps to hold them down.