The interior stripped down

Here is the interior where the engine used to be. This is looking at the stbd side facing the stern. Stripping the boat was quite easy. I used a fireman’s ax to remove the big stuff. Then used a disc grinder to remove the excess fiberglass left behind. You need to use some common sence so you don’t damage the hull. The whole process took only the weekend.   
I then sanded all the walls with #180 sand paper and removed any high spots. Prepped the walls with marine putty (2 part mix) and painted the bulkheads with Perfection paint (2 part) smooth. For the fiberglass hull (interior) I sprayed it with "Fast set light #40" wall texture. The stuff you get at Home Depo for 3 bucks a bag. It gave the walls a great texture (like at home). I don’t know how long this stuff will last against the humidity of a boat but the product has lasted more than 20 years in my bathroom shower (high humidity) so I figure it will last in the boat for some time.